In a steam and electric London that is being hounded by a serial killer where T.Aaron Payton brings clockwork prostitutes and cruel diseases that change the sex of the infected. This book is not only funny but gripping.If you haven’t read steampunk before this might be one you want to start with.
This book has some raving reviews, and it’s for a good reason, you need not be an into the genre to be into The Constantine Affliction. It’s one of those gems that have a little of everything, comedy, murder and even touching on transgender rights. Everything has a story and a reason. I find it hard to pin down my favourite, but it has to be Freddy by far. She jumps off the page and into your heart with her sour comedy and quick wit. I didn’t connect with the journalist E.Skye, I usually love the bold female characters, but she just felt unestablished compared to Pimm and Freddy.
Payton’s describes this dangerous world where fires rage for lifetimes and mad scientists bring the dead to life in such detail. You can envision the world that he wants you to. 
It has 4 out of 5 stars on most sites and that what I would agree with. It’s a poor excuse for a steampunk but that what makes it so good for first-timers and just about anyone that likes a book that takes a walk on the wild side.
You’ll find this audiobook on Amazon and iTunes (although how an Audible only book got on iTunes is a wonder). I liked John Lee’s voice. Not only is his view very commanding and stable, but he also brings the characters to life. It’s one of Audible’ better exclusives.

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