Voices, the word that people shy away from telling you because they fear your reaction. Voices are hard to deal with, whether they be internal or external, or whispering or across the room. Some people love them, but most find them scary. Whether you think they’re the devil or believe, they can see the future, they’re not an experience most people get.
My friend hears them all the time, but I luckily only hear them when I’m ill. Mine are both cross the room and whispering. They usually lead to delusions. So what advice can I give you? Well, that depends. Are the voices brief, or are they prolonged? If they are fleeting, just take a deep breath, kindly ask the person you’re with to stop speaking. I know it can cause distress but say to yourself, these voices are not real, I know they’re not real. If they still continue, go to the bathroom and drink a glass of water. Focus on the water, ask yourself questions about the water. For example, feel the cold (or warm) water run down your throat and ask yourself questions like, whether the water that you are drinking was drunk by one of your favourite celebrities or your favourite historical figure. Remember, there is only so much water in the world.
If the voices are more consistent, have a bath or a shower if the voices are still there, and you can hear them muffled from under the water then they are real and someone talking about you or to you. If you can again listen to them clearly as day and there is no change, they’re in your head and not real. These are hard to deal with because they know everything about you and can feed off that. The best way to deal with these is to tap on the chair, focus on your taps. Hear the echo they make, feel the echo. Close your eyes and focus on them. Count them if you have to.
The best advice I can give you is don’t get too caught up in the voices. Just let them come and go. Eventually, you will find your own coupling techniques. I found, and most have my friends have found that the best one is the five senses. Counting five things you feel, taste, hear and see five times. That’s the one I’ve tried to teach in this blog post. 

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