A Facebook poem about psychosis:

We all smile when we are down
life looks better without a frown
the light in their eyes that once flickered
gone through the hearts of those that listened
I colour my self in to be heard
only to become cattle in a herd
The emptiness that remains
to be the only frame
to stare out the window
to look at the walls
my mind consumed with all that unfolds
Imagine a world where reality is fiction
a glimpse into a painful infliction
for I am broken
to my very depiction
for I am unrepairable
from a time that is unrepeatable
for some of you this will be a passing glance
for some of you a glimpse of what I fought
on your walls this will remain
unless untagged
and defamed
for those not tagged this will not appear
for this depiction
of this infliction
is not clear

Charlie Alexander Beaumont

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