A steel door closed behind the young man as he whimpered to himself.

“I was never meant to be here.”

As he looked around the cold freezer, he realised his captors owned a cake shop. He searched for clues to tell him why he was taken. On a shimmering metal stand, with mesh around the cakes sitting on it, he found one. The cakes were all freshly made, apart from one. The cake was in a box: a box with a name on it. “The Velvet Dome”. He knew where he was; he was in Piccadilly Circus. He had been into this cake shop before. A kind Japanese lady worked behind the counter, and he always remembered the smell of freshly made icing. He didn’t know how long he would be there, fearing it could take days for him to see sunlight again. Emotion drained from his face as fear took over. He helplessly pushed at the door only to surrender a few moments later.

His thoughts turned to who his captors could be. Was the lovely Japanese lady not so kind, after all? Was she the one who had put him here, and if so, why? His thoughts quickly turned to something else, however: the call of nature. He walked to the back wall and sat down. He would have to give in to the call at some point. Deciding that point was now, he answered the call against the stone wall opposite the door. Standing there with his right hand pinned against the icy wall, he said to himself, “Casper, you need to pull yourself together if you want to get out of here.” He finished up and ripped off a small part of the box he had found earlier. He crumpled the cardboard and wiped his hands with it. A sudden hunger overtook him. Cakes surrounded him; why shouldn’t he eat them? Surely the people or persons who had put him in here realised he would, at some point, have to eat. He looked around; the cakes all looked so delicious. “Which one do I pick? Where do I start?” Expecting to be there for a while, he thought, “Why not try them all?” With that, he ran his hand across the now unboxed pink cake. “Hmm strawberry” Next a brown one. “Chocolate”. He then began to rip the sides out of all the cakes, ramming the frosting and cake into his open mouth.

Suddenly the steel door opened.

The lovely Japanese lady now stood before him with a face of pure anger.

“What are you doing in my walk-in fridge, Casper?”

Casper stuttered and then said, “You put me in here?”

“To clean!”


“What the hell have you done with my cakes?” She peered around Casper. “Did you pee in my fridge?” She looked down. “Oh my God, do up your fly!”

Casper, mouth now gaping, said, “I can explain. I was trapped in here.”

The Japanese lady’s face lost all emotion. This is it, Casper thought, she’ll believe me.

“Did you even try the door handle?”

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