We all wear faces,
We all wear masks,
Some of us viewed as a verse,
Whether they see us as weak or see us as strong,
Our outfits do no wrong.
Protection is a direction that we all take,
For many, this outfit comes with a cape,
A cape is strong, a cape is weak, but it protects what’s underneath.
October is the time we may all seek,
To show what persona we want to be at our peak,
This is not wrong, this is not right,
The world we see is more than a fright.
The 31st is one of these dates,
No one else will ever create,
We dream of witches; We dream of wizards,
We get a glimpse into what life isn’t.
We’ll hide behind masks,
It doesn’t matter your name,
What you do, or even your fame
We look at those that we cherish,
And wonder what hides under that blemish.
Is it pain or anger that we all share,
That hides our very despair,
Under these costumes, we do not fright,
For their not living, they’re our lives.
I hope this poem has brought you some relief,
That we are all the same underneath.

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