You are a man’s best friend,
You also stink to no end,
I waste my money,
Giving you toys’ that taste like honey
Where will this ridiculousness end?
You roll in poo,
So you smell like “wee yoo”
It’s not funny,
I’m running out of money,
To spend on your smelly end.
Incredibly clever, but eats shoes whenever,
Spitting them up, what a mucky mutt,
Raise you from a puppy,
It’s the reason you’re so lucky,
You bossy thing,
Stop whining.
Food on a plate is a challenge to some,
But for you, it is just a bowl full of fun
I never meant to love you this much,
You’re lucky you’re more than a mutt.
Bent on destruction,
The only thing stopping you is something with suction,
Complaining all the time,
You know I love to whine
But you take a whole other direction.

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