My feelings for you grow stronger
I can hide them no longer
A string between us
A line in the sand
What I want from you I can’t have
If this was hunger, I would forever wonder
When the fire falls from the clouds, a lighter is does not shine brighter
If I was one with you, you’d forever be hurting
If you lust for me. Trust in me
The truth will set you free, For me, it brings heartbreak or you on your knees
A brisk walk and I’m yours, the love between us shows no rights
Your height is wrong, I want your dong
Picking you up, I see our eyes touch
You say you miss my cleft chin, but you never remember your own lies
I see what you like and think I’m not right
If you want this hand, you better be a better man.
Reality makes a pair, your heart is in the right place, just I despair
You make sense In my life just, not in the way we both think
A hand in the right place is, is what I feel.
But our hands don’t connect.
Lust is luck with a few steps in the direction of love.

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