Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

You turned away from me.
And all of a sudden the world changed.
My life is not the same.
Wifi in the sky, connected to on the fly.
Techno boom, what is really true.
You thought it all through.

So much has changed, my life insane
Time is of the essence, so much to be done
we no longer need to run
it’s never quiet because of ongoing triumph

Ever so changed, in the way we display
Marketing tools, at fingertips
Visual impairment, no longer to be stared at.
Our very instinct now is to follow the crowd
Our basic tools replaced and handed to fools
Can no longer use them as they bring confusion
Because they are not LED-lit, or bright with resolution.

But it’s all has a price,
and we didn’t think twice
You’re now “running out”
People shout
I’m not done with you yet
Yet you are done with us
What will happen is a great confusion
It’ll be more than an intrusion
What is clear
We will disappear.

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