It’s been going for a while now,
I just don’t want you in my life,
You cause trouble and strife,
We’re two very different human beings,
The relationship was steaming,
You were bubbly and beaming,

Please don’t get me wrong,
Even though I’ve had your dong,
I love you very much,
Just we can’t correct this stuff,
Every day we talked,
It was more than small talk,
We both felt there was nowhere to go,
You said I changed your life for the better,
I hope you keep it that way,
Hope you know I love you anyway,
I get it you want a friend,

I will forever be there for you,
Just not as close,
I know you love me and I love you too,
I hope you’re not hurting as the way I do,
Forever friends,
But plans come to an end,
I know you’re angry and probably calling me a pansy,
But I don’t care,
It wasn’t how I wanted this to end,
But then plans changed, they bend,

Now you’re forever gone,
As if we could ever right those wrongs,
Talk forever, now not a tremor,
We could love again,
If it wasn’t for the way you offend,
I would tend to your every need,
But you will never be of that degree,

It’s as if you wanted to hurt me,
Trying to hurt me,
with the words that were so useless,
What was needed was a friendly reminder,

However, you used me,
with what you knew of me,
And that was clear from everything I fear,
Money doesn’t make the world go round,
But that’s what makes you come round,
I’ve never been so upset by the way you used me,

Is the word I’d use,
However, you think that of me,
Intelligence is lost on you,
For that is clear to see,

Smarter is not for you,
Adolescence and one that is rude,
Those are the words I’d use.

An ex? Maybe two.
Because you pushed me in two.

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