If it wasn’t for you,
I wouldn’t know what’s real,
I loved you at one point and now.
Well now, you don’t speak true,

I listen to the voices,
I hear the things you speak,
I didn’t always agree,
But now I love to see,

Flip-flops in the sand, 
Margaritas by the beach,
This friendship can’t stand,
These feelings make me weak,

What is making me mad,
Is the way you speak,
Your breathing is a nightmare,
And I want to make tweaks,

I always kind of knew,
I always kind of cared,
But what you’ve done now is nothing but stare,
I understand why you did what you did,

Jealousy makes me think you can’t be discreet,
You Copywrite my work,
You steal my ideas,
What I don’t understand is where you came up with this career,

Now it’s all said and done,
I’m laying here sucking my thumb,
If I hadn’t stopped you,
Only a few could have imagined what you’d do,

The light of some count only by those so dumb,
It’s not fair to say you’re smart,
I knew you before, 
Don’t start.

One more thing,
and try to follow, or you won’t win,
Your callous heart,
Will ruin those that are smart.

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