The book’s pages twisted in the wind. It sat there for a while; it waited. A thousand years went past, and no one had touched the book. It felt angry, and it felt absolutely abandoned. Then one day, with no one being the wiser, the book was on the move. A gust of wind took the book to a house. It was an old house carved out of wood and care. It stood on the edge of the woodlands and had two floors. The old man inside heard the rustling of the paper against the door. He peered out and looked down. There was the book, he brought it inside and put it next to the blackened fireplace as he made a cup of coffee. As he sat in his armchair, he glimpsed it out the corner of his eye. There was something strange about that book, a magical essence to it. Pulling himself up he grabbed the tattered book and bought it back to his armchair. He shifted through the pages looking for something to read, but there wasn’t anything there. The only thing on the pages was two lines of text that read:

Those that seek forgotten treasures will only find them within if they’re clever 

This puzzled the old man, why make a book with a few simple lines of text that made little sense to anyone… unless it was a joke book. It didn’t seem like a joke book there was a pentacle is a star with a circle around it. The man was confused and worried, but it didn’t trouble him he couldn’t sleep. While the old man rested upstairs, the book came to life. Flapping its pages and spilling out came this magical essence, raising up the furniture as the entire room drifted about. The sink and other fixtures struggled to be set free, but the nails kept them calm. Suddenly, out of the book came a withered old woman, her back was distorted and her hair long and black, her half-cut spectacles balanced at the end of her nose. She was wearing all black shabby clothing. At this point the old man appeared, he was awoken by the strange cackle the woman had let out while escaping the book. There was a moment of shock as they realised that they were in each other’s way and then the old man spoke. “who the heck are you?” he looked around the room “and what have you done to my kitchen!” The woman looked back menacingly and put her arm up in the air and said “I am Karen the ferocious” 
“Well, Karen, who’s going to clear up this mess?”
Karen and the old man started to pick up the scattered parts of the kitchen.
“Where does this go?” asked Karen while she was holding a beaten-up Playboys magazine. The old man blushed and responded “just put it in the bin over there” 


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