An Angry Poem

Photo by Joackim Weiler on Unsplash

I was never a fan of this stupid man
Thinking he’s the shit
When he should really be being hit
‘Talk to me,’ he says
shut up mate you wet the bed
Bloody clown
For once don’t frown 
Your poetry is a nightmare
Sometimes I read it and stare
what happened to the happy times
Now they’re rare

Good Dicking is about you, 
what can I say I fancied a piece of you
No more love, no more desire
Frankly, this relationship is dire
You’re so stupid!
Why are you like this
There must be a cause 
For this stupidity that rules,
What can I say you’re a big fucking flake
Runaway with your tail between your legs
You give me a bloody headache
For fuck’s sake
You’re texting me, great!

I need time to cool off,
no matter what it costs
Big airhead 
Wish you were dead
Stupid man,
Wanks whenever he can
Strong right hand
Thinks he’s a part of the dissident clan

What do you mean ‘come on’
‘stop banging the same bong,’
Don’t make me angry
You stupid pansy

Copied you you say?
In some sort of way 
Grow up, just because a line is the same.
You’re a bloody pain.

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