A Fantasy Story 

Illustration by: vectorpocket

This story isn’t my best work, but I love the concept so much I thought I’d share. If anyone would like to work with me on this, I’d love some much-needed rewriting and storyline fixing then my email is

Charlie sat down in A&E, and he was in excruciating pain. He clutched his belly and tossed his head while letting out a small grown. Suddenly the person next to him turn his head, he was an attractive guy, blonde hair and a round face. “What’s your one wish?” he muttered. This complexed Charlie but carried on anyway. “I don’t know,” he said, “What’s yours?” he continued. The man, taken back by this replied: “I want to see the world.” “Then my wish is that you see the world”. The man smiled and raised an eyebrow “your wish is for me to see the world?” 
“yes, I want you to live your dream. How much of the world have you seen?”
“I don’t know if I’d get to see the whole of the world,”
“why?” Charlie politely asked.
“because it’s up to you,”
“didn’t you hear my wish?”
“yes, I did. So your wish is for me to see the world?”
The man smirked and said, “Now,” the man continued “you may ask one thing of me, to add to the next person,”
“Let it be someone they love to ask them that question,” Charlie smiled. “Well, we already have someone that’s in love, and we have someone that will soothe them. I think I can make someone they love to come to them.” He thought for a minute “might make them scared, though.”
“How can love be scary,” Charlie looked adoringly at the man.
The room sped up again, not that Charlie had noticed it slow to a halt while talking, but anyhow the day continued as usual.

While walking home from A&E Charlie bumped into an old school friend Josh, they laughed at each other’s jokes and then set a date for the next day. Before Charlie knew it, he was married to Josh and had two twin boys called Bellamy and Remi. His life carried on being bright and loving. As Charlie received so much love, he also gave out in return.

The now 70-year-old couple sat down for a cup of tea at the table. Charlie took one sip of his tea, grabbed his heart and collapsed.

A light shined over him, and he could hear his dead mother’s voice speak to him. “Charlie, my dear, I must ask something of you. Here take my hand.” Charlie reached up and was pulled out of his body towards the sky. “The world you know is a game; it is but of blocks and us angels decide whether the person lives in hell or heaven. I want you to pass judgement on people.” As he looked down, he saw the whole world flying away from him. before he knew it, he was at the top of a box, the box was filled with other boxes. “in those boxes…” Charlie’s mother said, “are people’s lives that they are living. Our job as angels is to observe and then when the person comes to a set time, we decide whether they get heaven or hell. It’s usually a family member who has chosen to become an angel.”
“So, not everyone is an angel?” Charlie questioned back.
“No, only those that have chosen to be an angel or those that no longer want to be in the game. I pulled you out because it’s a mess here.”
“How can it be a mess isn’t is straightforward, we watch and then decide?”
“You’d think, wouldn’t you, but no. The game has a new block. The devil has appeared in the game. I’ve asked around, but no one has ever seen this before.”
“So Why pull me out of the game? I’ve never been one of these before. I can’t help you fix this.”
“That’s the thing; you might be the key to it all. The devil gave you heaven.”
“What?! I don’t understand,”
“Remember back at A&E that man spoke to you and asked you for your wish? Well, that’s what we do. We ask them their wish, and then we make a judgement. We decide whether the rest of their life they’ll live in heaven or hell. Usually, after that, they see a bright light and are reborn as themselves. Well, and this has never happened may I just add, the devil jumped in your game and made the judgement. He picked heaven!”
Charlie was now looking shocked at the situation that unravelled in front of him. “So I could be with Josh forever?”
The mother looked down covering her soft skin with her long hair “Sorry Charlie, but this is the first time that you’ve been given heaven.”
“Every other time I got hell?”
The mother was now looking as though the question had displaced her. “Yes, You’ve never gotten heaven, people don’t believe that you’re as ill as you make out and your father always makes the decision, and he hates the way you treated him, so he always picks hell.” She then perked up and said, “If we knew what an amazing person you become when you’ve gotten heaven, then we would have given it to you ages ago!” 
“So you still haven’t said what I am supposed to be doing?” Charlie snarled.
“look, to be honest with you, we knew something was different with you. For example, erm how to put this, you can’t be dissipated.”
Charlie hit back, with a confused look on his face “You tried to dissipate me?”
“Some people on your father’s side have, yes and everyone is in your game that get’s dissipated in their game, still shows up in yours.”
“Right, so let me make a judgement and see what happens. Where’s josh’s box?” Charlie said now fed up of the conversation that he had had.
The mother tilted her head to the side and looked on in a worried reaction. “That’s what I mean, Josh got dissipated a long time ago, and he still appears in your game. Instead, why don’t you pass judgement on your ex Rory.”
“Ohh he’s getting hell.”
“I thought so” laughed the mother.

Charlie dropped into the panopticon full of boxes with people’s lives currently happening. He looked around a bit and found Rory, and there he was crossing the road with a lorry heading towards him. But then as he saw him as if it had been fated, he saw Josh’s box. “oh my god, Josh.” He floated down to the box, and there was Josh. The mother dashed over shocked to find Josh “this can’t be, Josh had been dissipated a long time ago.” Charlie stepped into the box.

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Chapter 2 — The Lost Life

Illustration by: vectorpocket

As one foot hit the ground and then the other, Charlie realised he was in an apartment-store. He yelled, but Josh didn’t react. As Josh made his way to the cashier, he floated into her. “Josh, be an angel,” Charlie said calmly through the cashier. Josh looks surprised by her knowing his name. He replied with an acquisitive face. “Sorry, have we met before?” 
“What’s your one wish?” Charlie said dreamily through the cashier voice. Unbeknownst to both of them in the room suddenly stopped. “I want the love of my life” Josh replied with a smile. “Heaven,” Charlie said as he moved out of the cashier and floated up.

Charlie landed back at the top of the panopticon and floated down once more into it. He watched Josh’s box as his life ended and jumped in once more to pull him out as an angel. They floated up once more, and Charlie explained the game to Josh.

“So all we have to do is make judgements on others,” Charlie explained. “It’s not that hard, you come to them in their life and ask them what’s their wish and then rule on their life.”

The two became exceptional at the judgements and always did them together. They became known as soul mates. After a while, the game slowed, as more people became angels and less took part in the game. At this point the angels decided to restart the game, they put everyone back in their boxes and for them; the game started again, however, for one this meant they would have to stay behind and do all the judgements in that area. In Charlie’s extended family, it was him that was to restart as the angel, but this meant he would have to do the judgements alone and without Josh. So the two parted ways as Josh went back into the game.

Charlie made judgements on his own, but it wasn’t the same, then one judgement of an extended family friend turned that all around.

He dropped into the box of Ellie, and she explained: “You used to be so kind with your judgements, now it’s unheard of for someone to get heaven.” Charlie flicked back his mousey brown hair and said “I just don’t have a life of my own to compare it with,” He looked longingly down at the floor. “I understand that. You used to do all of them with your husband, and he is in the game, can’t you go find him?” Ellie said, hopefully. “For that, I’m giving you heaven.”

Charlie roamed the spare for Josh; he searched the panopticon high and low. He walked through so many games. But after a while, the search became hopeless. As Charlie once walked through people’s games, giving them heaven, now he only gave hell. As the only angel, Chalie wasn’t pulling anyone out of the game and making them angels. The game was broken.

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Chapter 3 — Better The Devil You Know

Photo by: Wira SHK

Charlie shifted from one box to another without thought, continually asking for his husband, with no luck. But Charlie did one shift too many. He stepped into the Devil’s box.

Charlie stopped. The Devil didn’t look like all those pictures he had seen; he was more blob-like, no arms or legs that charlie could see just a face of which was black as soot. “I’ve been waiting for you” boomed a bleak voice. The blob-like creature turned into a man, only with horns and black wings. “I’ve been waiting to talk to you.” The beast said with a smile on its face.
“What do you want to say to me?” Charlie replied, frightened and worried.
“You gave me your wish”
“Yes, I did” Charlie replied, energetically.
“No one has ever done that. May I ask you something?”
“Of course”
“In this form, I am more pleasing to you?”
“You know what I mean by see the world now?”
“Few people can stand to see my authentic form”
“Is that so” Charlie smirk, “It’s not too bad for a demon”
“Demon? I’m an angel”
“You did give me heaven and which lead me to my husband”
“Yes, so?”
“There is some goodness in you”
“You’ll find out why I did that”
“Does it matter? Even an act that comes with intentions, is still an act of kindness”
“You think I’m kind?”
“I think, there is goodness in everyone, even the Devil” 
The Devil raised one eyebrow “Interesting”. He extended an arm. “There is something I want to give you” Charlie took his hand with a firm grasp. As he did so light spiralled out of him and he floated up, white wings grow out of his back. He felt a tiny bit of thread ravels around his body. “What’s happening to me?” 
“Only a god can find goodness in me”
The devil let out a roar and everyone in the game was dissipated. “Now I will get to see the world starting with you.”
Charlie was born again, and when he got to A&E he was asked again, what is your wish, this happened again and again, with charlie’s answer always being “To be with my soulmate.” After countless times of the devil giving Charlie hell, the Devil turned to Chalie, but this time did not ask what is your wish? Instead, he asked, “What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted?” Chalie replied “True love” and the Devil gave him his hand. “I will accept that answer.” 
“Before you go, may I ask a favour?” The Devil laughed, but humoured Charlie “Go on then.”
“Give Josh one heaven for me and let me hold him one more time,” Charlie looked down at his feet, in sorrow. “It’ll be my gift to him.” The devil agreed. “But you must remain in hell until then.”
A vortex to hell appeared with a slide made of lava protruding from it.
“To seal the deal, you must slide down that.” The devil pointed to the slide. Charlie did as he was asked. Screaming all the way down.

Then the devil saw the world. Each person one at a time reappeared in their box and was given hell every time by the devil. He was watching and judgement was made. If he saw an ounce of antisocial behaviour, it meant for them to go again. Some tried to make a deal with the devil, however, The deal was never taken. 

The Last person was Josh, and as Charlie made a deal with the devil, Josh got one heaven. Then due to having a heaven Josh passed.
Josh and Charlie were transported to a bed in their house together. As they cuddled, they said good morning to each other and then Charlie Tried to get up, but he couldn’t. He was paralysed from the neck down. “Can you move?” he asked Josh. 
“The deal I made was to hold you one more time”
“well, I can’t not hold you now, that’s the point. This is the last time.”
“So you’re telling me we’re stuck like this?”
“Because of my wording, yes. This is forever now. We’re stuck like this.”

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