If I was to lay here with one question on my mind.

Why was I so lucky, why was I so proud?

Of all the things that make me sound, you are a continuum so I don’t frown.

You love those that do not love themselves. When life is hard and you’re there to ease my suffering. Point to these ridiculous things. Help me help you end my sting.

We joke we laugh we can see how things are.

When I lose reality, you’re there, actually.

A Care Co-ordinator with a spark.
A Lesson for the heart.
Care for those that are losing their minds
A caring guy for the foreseeable eyes
Woven In tapestry and seen flattering
Reach for the stars and you see those brown arms

With all the care in the world, you know you’ll be there
It’s not one’s heart you share. Even though you denied it, I know I’m you’re a shining star. With air like this, no one can twist, what you say is a flick of the wrist.

Now help me help you, you seem down and that isn’t why I’m around. Care-coordinator to the stars, it might be bipolar but you need not know that.
I can help you bring your self-esteem around. Show me you do not frown. Let there be light, a powerful force, maybe another fault. Would you do me the pleasure and take away this superpower. You’re more than a care-coordinator, you’re a caring person. Hugs all around! There goes that frown. A pleasure for some is around the corner for some, but your job happy and we see that you’re not crappy. It’s life in the fast lane. ADAPT or ICMP we know you are keen. Personality disorder here and there, nothing to despair. Some of us know the pain, but you see it every day. Psychosis is complex, and you never neglect.

After having dissocial before you, a mistake of those that adore you. Oxleas carries some weight, but you know how to mitigate. Cases few and far between of those that love you so keen. Charlie and Eunice to help. You forever loved and needed. Care-coordinator with a heart, forevermore. It’s always a joy to see you, let your friend and patient near you. Power to you Pawel and you do. You’re one lucky guy. Know that I will always love you and care about you. They do not shape a story for the books like these, so forevermore remember you and know that you are cared for by many.

A Poem for Pawel Spocinski, a Care-coordinator and Friend.

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