Love we should have shared

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

The hourglass of time, 
It is a very thin line,
it brings us together,
It makes people shine,
I miss you know more than ever,
I’m gone but here forever.

I haunt the halls of our once loved castle,
A castle we once found happiness in,
Now brings you to the ground,
As sweet as snow, our loving home,
The beauty is unknown,
You’re a work of art,
Peaceful and smart.

I can’t wrap my head around the reasons you found,
I wish we weren’t so understanding of what we pronounced,
If life was as we saw it, then things would never have come to this,
These things lead to my death and now can’t dance the dance.
If only you had left,
We could have never foreseen what’s best,
That our lives stay apart,
Instead, we were frightened of something that wasn’t right.

I look back now and see all the mistakes,
Wondering where we you became more of a mate,
Frightened to stray,
You always looked away.

Towards the end, I thought we got things back on track,
But I was wrong.
And now I’m a long way away and you walk among others.

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