Sex And Our Selves

Sex sells, but has the internet brought us to the edge of reason? SEX! Yes, I’m talking about self and sex. How has the internet affected our sex lives? 29% of our information about sex now comes from media, and a mere 3% comes from sex education. You don’t learn from doing; you learn from…

You’re not who we see you as

Online identities Identity. Online we’re charismatic, charming, quick and witty. But in real life with a Donald Trump of our friends. I’m here to point out to you in multiple ways that your identity changes on different social media types, for example, you cannot be the same person on Twitter as you can on Instagram…

How the internet affects your identity

The internet. We mostly live in it. We wake up, check our Facebook profile or Instagram page, and as we turn over, we see our loved one doing the same. We go to work where most of us will be glued to a screen for most of the day while checking our device. Even things…

The Self

Identity in the selfie the key concept of ourselves and how we identify. To understand ourselves, we must understand the self.

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